Longevity and leverage: stakeholders and staff in Project Management

The AIPM WA was kind enough to invite me to speak at an industry breakfast this week on Longevity and Leverage, or managing people during a project to get the maximum discretionary effort possible. The breakfast was held during one of the stormiest weeks in Perth on record, but we still have about forty people in the room who shared their perspectives on what engaged them emotionally in their work and on “soft” versus “hard” skills – and their value in the modern workplace.

I was honoured to be invited and have such an engaged audience. The perspectives I shared are part of a growing interest in the overlap between our behaviours in our personal lives around love and how they can manifest, to our benefit, in our work life. Many people say “Love your work” but they often don’t say “Love the people you work with”. However if you use the basic tenants of love and attachment and (appropriately) tie them to the workplace you can find that the way you are projecting positivity is more impactful than traditional management models.

Thanks, AIPM, for the opportunity to share the love on love – and I look forward to engaging with my PM colleagues at the AIPM national conference in Melbourne this year!

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