I will be presenting at ANZMAC 2009 in Melbourne, Victoria

I will be presenting two papers at the Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference 2009 in Melbourne, Victoria. The papers I’ll present are called “Operationalising Consumer Co-Creation: Marketing as an Infinite Game” and “Customer Evangelism: A Conceptual Model”.

Once the paper final versions are accepted they will be uploaded on to the site. After the presentation the slide show will be uploaded to the site.

I will be presenting at the “Locally Grown” Research Round Table on October 1st in Bunbury, Western Australia

I will be presenting a 20 minute talk on her conceptual paper “Marketing as an Infinite Game” at the Locally Grown Research Conference, ECU South West, Bunbury. The conference is by invitation only, however members of the public can request an invitation from the Centre for Regional Sustainable Futures.

Once the presentation has finished, I will present the notes and slides from the presentation along with comments and discussion from the participants in the “Published + Presented Works” Section.