Off to Auckland to meet the famous Vargo & Lusch

I recently was invited to travel to Auckland for a seminar at which Vargo & Lusch will be guests of Auckland University of Technology Business School. First of all, Auckland is a really cool place and I am excited to go. However, meeting the authors of one of the journal articles that changed my perspective on marketing is going to be a real privilege. Their 2004 paper “Evolving toward a Service-Dominant Logic” was packed with so much great stuff,I had a problem highlighting the important bits because in the end the whole paper was yellow.

You can find out more about Service-Dominant Logic on their blog; and, of course, on Wikipedia.

Professor Jamie Murphy and I recently had an article published comparing Service-Dominant Logic to an infinite game (hence the name of this blog) in the Journal of Customer Behaviour.

So, V&L, I am a fan. See you soon!

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