Two Papers in Queenstown

I had the good fortune of attending two marketing conferences in Queenstown, New Zealand.

First, the Gender, Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Conference was truely insightful for someone who has never delved in to gender based research before. The experience of the conference, and preparing for it, forced me to consider the research topics I cover from a gender perspective. The attendees were so supportive of my newness to the field as well. It was a great welcome to Queenstown. The paper at this conference, which focused on Liminal Space/Places, can be sourced here.

The Asia-Pacifc Association for Consumer Research Conference held a variety of insights. I was the last paper up, with an exploratory study correlating quintessence and perceptions of value. The paper can be sourced here.

I will shortly be leaving Queenstown and driving to visit the legendary Unviersity of Otago and having a look around.



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