Baby Yoda’s longevity is delivering for Disney

I was recently interviewed regarding the Baby Yoda phenomenon and its longevity on an Australian radio show (at 11 minutes, 25 seconds). The interview focused on people calling themselves “Momalorians” who dressed their Baby Yoda tykes as actual babies, and then photographed and interacted with them as such. Was this a desire for children? Or a cry for help? I posit: neither. It is a postmodern overlay of the the “babyness” of the character, the emotional attachment to the franchise and the desire to relive the delight of the watching experience. Momalorians want to bring the baby into their universe, and being a “mom” is the most obvious way of interacting with a baby which ha a semblance of normalcy. But that doesn’t leave men out to – “mom” in this case, includes “dads”. If you want to brighten your day with some Baby Yoda goodness there is plenty of it on the web, starting here.

Honouring inspiring Australian Businesswomen

I recently had the privilege of judging the national Telsta Businesswoman of the Year awards. Doing so allowed me to take a peek into the working and personal lives of some very accomplished women in Australian business. I was inspired, not only by their accomplishments, but by the organisations that gave them the opportunities, support, training, education and chances to excel…and to make mistakes.

The experience made me reflect on two things. First, that inspiring individuals rarely exist in a vacuum. Understanding the give and take of success is very important, especially the higher you soar.

And secondly, that my employer of fourteen years, and my manager (over over ten) are integral to my success. No one person, or organisation, is perfect. And certainly the greatest gift they have given me is recognising that in me. Not every endeavour leads to great results. But every failure, or mediocre result, is a step toward those things that work really well, that delight us, that make a difference to our bottom line, and to our overall mission.

All of the women’s entries I read had challenges, they all had support, and getting where they were was a group effort. I wish them all the best, as well as their organisations, and all of the people in their future whom they will help spur forward toward success.